Anti-aging Botox Procedures

It is important to consider preventative measures earlier in life.  We offer a variety of anti-aging services.  We recommend starting Botox in your mid 20’s to help with the reduction in wrinkles.  As we age we lose collagen and volume which increases the chances of wrinkles and

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Introducing Kybella

Introducing Kybella is just in! Kybella is FDA approved to dissolve submental chin fat, also known as the double chin.  Kybella permanently dissolves fat in the areas injected!  We recommend at least two to four treatments for maximum results.  All Kybella treatments will be eligible for Brilliant

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Introducing the Cosmelan Chemical Peel

Just into the spa! Cosmelan depigmentation chemical peel. Treats: Hyperpigmentation Melasma Freckles Lentigo Acne Sun Damage. Helps achieve a clear even complexion on all skin types. Cosmelan is a safe and effective skin cream treatment Melasma (patchy or generalized dark pigmentation of the skin) Chloasma – patchy

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We offer free consultations.

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We offer free consultations.

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